Scottish Lager

Made by the classic lagering method using Saaz hops for that authentic lager aroma. Light hoppy and crunchy with just the right amount of crisp acidity and sparkle to give the lager is uplifting freshness. The emphasis is on high quality lager but with the added breadth of weight and flavour on the mid palate which allows the flavours to linger.

Ancestral IPA

Lighter in alcohol and hoppier in aroma this is a classic IPA. Malty, hoppy character with hints of custard creams and pistachio nuts countered by dried lemon peel and stone baked bread. The palate is light yet generous with a crisp, light cleansing finish.


Blonde Ale is without doubt the most fashionable real ale at present. Our Blonde is refreshingly light, citrusy, and lightly hoppy with hints of crunchy nut corn flakes. It’s finished with a touch of local honey to give the beer its balance and richly fragrant nose. The zesty lemongrass notes and aromatic fragrance make this a true blonde bombshell.

Nut Brown

The original beer of Dunfermline made using a touch of Rye and Pilgrim bittering hop in the brew to give the beer its characteristic nutty notes. Aromas of hazelnut, bourbon biscuit and hints of mocha. A lovely dry nutty palate with a gentle bitterness that’s supported by a rich mouthfeel and long finish.

Guardian Stout

Dark and brooding at first glance with a creamy dense head this is a stout in every sense yet with a deceptive, attractive freshness. Hints of licorice, black olive, caramelized walnuts and bitter dark chocolate with backbone of malty iron ore

Declaration 90/

Dark and handsome strong Ale that shows all the power of rich chocolate malted barley, bitter sweet molasses and aromatic hops. Still retains its light middle palate. Richly textured with hints of cloves and spices and a dry, long full finish.

Scottish Cider

Traditional cloudy farmhouse style cider with aromas of sweet baked bramleys, elderflowers and apple blossom. Flavours of apple pie, sugared grapefruit and Galia melon.


Sweet style fruit cider that shows densely packed raspberry ripple ice cream and summer pudding flavours. Hints of cranberry bitterness on the finish coupled with a refreshing light citrus kick.